Welcome Back Sale!



Whether you’re about to start university or you’re just getting into the swing of things in 2014, MechKB would like to welcome you back with the following deals on our mechanical keyboards:




  • KBT ONE – Full Sized mechanical keyboard (Cherry Brown), $109, save $20.
  • KBT ONI – TenKeyLess mechanical keyboard (Cherry Brown), $109, save $20.
  • KBC F-104 – Full Sized Double Shot PBT (no more fading keys) mechanical keyboard (all switch types), $79, save $20.
  • KBT Pure Pro – Compact backlit mechanical keyboard (various switch types available) $114, save $15.
  • iKBC Poker II Backlit – Compact backlit mechanical keyboard $124 (various switch types available) , save $15.




  • Type Heaven – Full Sized mechanical keyboard (Topre Capacitive Switch), $149, save $20.




  • G710+ – Full Sized mechanical keyboard (Cherry Brown), $129, save $30.





For those who are looking at a mechanical keyboard but are undecided on which switch to get, I just want to quickly plug that we offer a Cherry MX sampler that’s backlit to boot  (a pretty decoration on your desk when you’re done choosing) for only $6 $3 for the duration of the sale, don’t tell my manager though :|


Orders made before 12pm tomorrow will ship tomorrow afternoon (Friday 4pm). Available only for the next 24 hours, happy shopping! :)

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Sale!

  1. Can I pick up one before 12pm tomorrow? Will quickly drop by the shop, this is an incredible deal.

    1. Hey Jack,

      Sorry for the late reply. We get so much spam through our blog system that comments sometimes to get responded to :(

      We’re happy to honor the sale prices for you if you want to give us an idea of what you’re after? Perhaps e-mail us directly, cs@mechkb.com :P Just point our customer service rep to this comment.


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