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Introducing: The Deck Hassium Pro [APAC Edition]


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The Deck Hassium Pro. Available now in Australia.



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Helvetica Key Caps

One of the first complaints we received regarding our first series of Deck Hassiums was the font of the legend on the key caps; ‘unconventional’ to say the least. We asked Deck if it was possible to retain the double shot molding process but change the font, sadly that process requires retooling and would take time and money. For now, we have settled on a more standard (and more aesthetically pleasing) ABS laser Etched key caps with Helvetica font. The cost will be reduced accordingly.


Reactive LED Lighting Modes










LEDs that react as you type!


Programmable LED Scripts


The Deck Hassium is the first keyboard that gives you control over each LED. Program your own LEDs patterns (including brightness control) in BASIC and upload them to the keyboard. Run them parallel with Deck’s own reactive lighting modes. Check out some examples or upload your own at our file library.


Software Free Programmable Layer


Just Like the Deck Hassium, the Deck Hassium Pro has a native programmable layer that lets you program macros or reassign keys as you please, software-free. Check out our Dvorak and Colemak alternative layouts here.


Software that let’s you share and test your own creations.


Download it here. 


Also comes with…

IMG_7328 (Custom)

A metal key cap puller that doubles as a bottle top opener because… ‘stralya mate. ;)


Deck Hassium Pro: Create it, test it, share it. Now available in Australia for AUD$159.


Oh, one more thing:

The Deck Cherry Sampler Kit

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With Cherry MX Black, Brown, Blue and Red Switches as well as four LED Colours (White, Blue, Orange and Green). Perfect as a sampler kit, attractive desk decoration, stress relief or just for tapping on when suffering from writer’s block.


Available for AUD$6.00.


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