Deck Cherry MX Sampler Kit

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Deciding that you’ll purchase a mechanical keyboard is only the beginning of the journey. Soon, prospective buyers are confronted with an array of switch options, the most common of which are the four Cherry MX Switches: Black, Red, Blue and Brown. At MechKB we always recommend that people drop into our store-front to test out the switches. Nothing quite compares with being able to type on a full sized keyboard. Sadly that isn’t always possible or convenient for our customers.


MAX Cherry Sampler Kit



Shortly after MechKB started operating, we stocked a series of Sampler Kits from MAX Keyboards. These sampler kits consisted of a branded PCB with four Cherry MX Switches: Black, Red, Brown and Blue. These kits also came with a set of O-rings. These kits sold very well but we received two important piece of feedback concerning these kits.



Many complained that our price for the sampler kit was too high. This was not done out of malice or greed, rather this was simply a reflection of the cost of these kits. These kits were nicely packed, marketed as ‘premium’, had translucent key caps and a rubber base. They were priced to us accordingly. In the beginning we attempted to ease this by bundling it with a coupon but, as we discovered, many of our customers did not like the idea of being locked in.


Desk Toy

We also chanced upon in the office, quite by accident, that sampler kits served as very simple desk toys. When my colleague was deep in thought, we could often hear his fingers rapping across the four Cherry MX switches. So a sampler kit was useful even long after a person decided on which keyboard they were going to purchase.


Result? Deck Cherry MX Sampler Kit.


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The Deck Cherry MX Sampler kit was designed with these lessons in mind. Consisting of four Cherry MX Switches, this kit is perfect for those who are trying to decide which keyboard to buy.  It also comes with LEDs of four different colours so that long after you’ve purchased your mechanical keyboard, the Deck Cherry MX Sampler kit can remain as an attractive addition to your desk as a suitable source of procrastination for your fingers.


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The Deck Cherry MX Sampler kit is connected via USB and is available now for $6. Half the price of the MAX Cherry Sampler kit.


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