Quickfire TK White, MAX Blackbird, TKL wristrests, O-rings – *kaboosh*

Phew, long post today, click the links below to skip to the relevant parts or just read the whole post (it’s mostly pictures anyhow :) ).



The Curious Case of SGK-4020-GKCM”2″ (Quickfire TK White)
MAX Blackbird has landed!
MAX O-rings and TKL wristrests now available.



The Curious Case of SGK-4020-GKCM”2″ (Quickfire TK White)

There was a minor panic in the warehouse when two differently marked SKUs of the Coolermaster CM Storm TK came in. One was SGK-4020-GKCM1, the other was SGK-420GKCM2. Not being able to locate much information about it, we assumed that the two were roughly the same. To our delight, we discovered that we were very much mistaken. The CM Storm TK ending in “2″ turned out to be:


IMG_8661 (Custom) (2)



A Quickfire TK with a white case! We weren’t able to find a wealth of information on this model other than that it was shown at CES and is apparently a limited edition model. The white case gives the Keyboard a quite spiffy look if I do say so myself. Anyway, here’s some more photos:


IMG_8654 (Custom)


IMG_8652 (Custom)


IMG_8670 (Custom)


IMG_8669 (Custom)


IMG_8667 (Custom)


IMG_8665 (Custom)


IMG_8664 (Custom)


IMG_8663 (Custom)


IMG_8662 (Custom)


IMG_8661 (Custom) (2)


IMG_8660 (Custom)


IMG_8658 (Custom)



The Coolermaster Quickfire TK White (Cherry Brown) is now available for $115.


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MAX Blackbird

The Max Blackbird is now in stock down under! :) Here are some pictures of colleague took.


IMG_8678 (Custom)


IMG_8677 (Custom)


IMG_8672 (Custom)


IMG_8686 (Custom)


IMG_8685 (Custom)


IMG_8684 (Custom)


IMG_8683 (Custom)


IMG_8681 (Custom)


IMG_8679 (Custom)



The MAX Blackbird is now available for $169.



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MAX O-rings and TKL wristrest


Last but not least, the long awaited foam wristrests and O-rings are finally here.


IMG_8698 (Custom) IMG_8688 (Custom)



MAX 50A O-rings are now available for $20.

MAX TKL Foam wristrests are now available for $24.



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I hope there’s something here that’s peaked your interest! Until next time, happy (dampened) clacking!

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